Task Forces

Event Coordinator
Marguerite Nyhuis-Zierdt

Shall be responsible for coordinating all decorations for all FAFLSE events, including Pre-conference night get-together, BBQ/Auction night and Awards Dinner. Special themed evening events will be voted on by the board and task force members and approved at a board meeting in advance of the next year’s conference.

Historical / Membership Task Force
Chuck Akers

Shall be responsible for documenting the activities and events of the association. Shall also be responsible for recruitment and retention of members for the association. This task force will develop and maintain a current mailing list of members.

Informational Task Force
Lana Stevanovic & Melanie Brocato

Shall be responsible for the gathering and distribution of information for release to local, state and national media agencies as well as for members of the association and FFMIA. All information intended for dissemination to the membership-at-large shall be previewed by the FAFLSE Chair and Vice Chair for approval prior to release.

Policy & Research Task Force
Lisa Nadeau

Shall be responsible for compiling and modifying the guidelines, policy, procedures and mission statement of the association. Ongoing addenda to the guidelines will be a the direction of the association Chair as the result of a majority vote by the membership present at any general membership meeting. The task force shall serve as the association’s parliamentarian.